I just ran across this via Alex Steffan’s essay posted earlier I would hope this YK Alaska blog might be a localized, regional resource with similar information about bird flu, pandemic preparation, and disaster mitigation but for our local context.

Flu Wiki swans

Flu Wiki Tour and Frequently Asked Questions

* What do I need to know? – key facts about avian influenza
* I’ve heard about bird flu on the news – how do I learn more?
* I am looking for an answer – finding things on the Flu Wiki
* I’m ready to help – what can I do?
* Are you a professional?
* Summary of Pandemic Flu Awareness Week

Flu Topics

* Basic Scientific Information
on Influenza · Pandemics · Epidemiology · Prevention · Diagnosis · Treatment · Open Sequences Honor Roll
* Local Preparedness
including Personal Preparedness · Public Safety and Utilities · Workplace Continuity · Scenarios · Models
* National and International Influenza Surveillance and Contingency Plans
including WHO · OIE · FAO · CDC · NIH · U.S. State Plans · Canadian Provincial Plans
* Maps of H5N1 avian influenza outbreaks
includes a Google Earth Map of Outbreaks
* Legal, Ethical, Economic and Political Issues
includes The Economics of a Pandemic, an essay by Ian Welsh
* Avian Influenza Timelines
* Sources and Links
includes links to News Aggregators · Blogs · Background Info · Upcoming Conferences · Influenza FAQs
* H5N1 Open Science Area for Technical Types
* Multimedia audio and video presentations and interviews

Exploring the Flu Wiki

* Where to Start
* Site Map / Table of Contents
* Subject Index an index of topics and people mentioned on the Wiki
* Science Glossary a glossary of scientific terms related to influenza
* How to use the wiki instructions to new contributors. Includes the Wiki Sandbox
* Search the FluWiki

Feedback and Discussion

* Forum questions, short takes and feedback
* Recent Forum topics best way to see what topics are active
* IRC Chat Flu Wiki posters are on from around the world
* Opinion a place for longer essays and opinion pieces
* The Flu Wiki’s To Do List add, subtract or pitch in
* Last 50 Changes see what’s changed since you were last here

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