I can’t get webcasts but maybe some of you can.

USDA to Web-cast briefing on avian influenza situation Monday
Mar. 17, 2006

Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns, Secretary of Health & Human Services Mike Leavitt and Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton, will discuss preparations for avian influenza in the U.S. during a live Web cast at 1 p.m. EST Monday, March 20.

The briefing will include details of the expanded migratory bird monitoring system and an update on response plans in the event of an outbreak among domestic birds. Secretary Leavitt will discuss public health preparedness.

The live event can be viewed online at www.usda.gov.Sorry the unseen web coding was wrong. The address is http://www.usda.gov or the hot link is here

For more information on asian influenza, visit PandemicFlu.gov (same as AvianFlu.gov); www.usda.gov and www.DOI.gov.

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