If you see a group of dead or sick birds, especially if something you notice seems unusual, call 1-866-5-BRDFLU, (1-866-527-3358). 14apr2006 revised state alert notice To report dead or sick birds, where no obvious cause is apparent, call the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service hotline at 1-866-5-BRDFLU (1-866-527-3358). Do not handle birds found sick or dead!

A Few Facts about Avian Influenza in Alaska (bird flu) 1 page. Also entitled Avian Influenza: “Bird Flu” Facts. For more information:
[2006april26 Unfortunately, the link from there to the actual flyer on the state’s webpage is broken, and one gets into an endless loop trying to find the true location.]

Avian Influenza: Some Questions and Answers about Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) also listed as 40 Questions; 40 Answers. [2006april26 This link at the state is also broken.]

  • First, the Basics:
  • General information
  • What can I do to protect myself from H5N1?
  • Information for Hunters
  • Information about Wild Bird Surveillance in Alaska
  • Domestic Birds and Animals
  • Can I Catch the Asian H5N1 Virus if…?

Donna Hanley at the Yukon Delta Wildlife Refuge has copies of these information pamphlets.

Donna L. Hanley, EdS, Education Specialist
Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge
PO Box 346
Bethel, Alaska 99559
Donna_Hanley AT fws DOT gov