This is a great set of questions to start with in each village, which applies to other activities, not just schools. If people prepare a set of questions to ask of their communities, please share with the rest of us here.

I’ll look up the checklist for schools (Pandemic Flu school checklists: and get it posted here.

Read the rest of the article here (because of copyright restrictions, entire copyrighted materials cannot be posted elsewhere on the Internet)–
Wednesday, March 22, 2006; 7:48 AM

WASHINGTON — The nation’s schools, recognized incubators of respiratory diseases among children, are being told to plan for the possibility of an outbreak of bird flu.

Federal health leaders say it is not alarmist or premature for schools to make preparations, such as finding ways to teach kids even if they’ve all been sent home.

School boards and superintendents have gotten used to emergency planning for student violence, terrorism or severe weather. Pandemic preparation, though, is a new one….

Who coordinates decisions on closing schools or quarantining kids? If classes shut down for weeks, how will a district keep kids from falling behind? Who will keep the payroll running, or ease the fear of parents, or provide food to children who count on school meals?…

“But if New Orleans and Katrina taught us nothing else, it taught us you need to be thinking about things ahead of time _ and preparing for the worst,” Bounds said.

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