2006-11-02 These comments were of the website in March 2006. Compare with the website of Nov 1, 2006 which is now much improved.

Always test out the resources available. In the case of the state website, it wasn’t functional on March 24, 2006

The links to other websites are colored blue (standard indicator of hot link or html) but the links themselves were dead; that is, it is only a “hardcopy” or printed appearance. The links were not active and would not lead the Internet (virtual) reader anywhere.

Website does not indicate all the links that connect to a pdf (Adobe Acrobat) or doc (MS Word) or other non-browser (html) format. The pandemic plan was a pdf file, which requires a separate software for the user to know how to locate, download, and install properly. There isn’t anyway to monitor changes to the webpage through a syndicated (RSS) feed. There is no date as to when the site was last updated.

2006nov01 AK website webpage retrieved November 2006

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