What can be done to keep ahead of the Avian Flu?

Vern C. McCorkle and the Alaska Business Monthly has published an excellent think piece for businesses to consider. It’s in the March 2006 issue, pages 28-31. Unfortunately, it isn’t available on-line and all their own reprints are gone already (500!).

However, the publisher has kindly provided a pdf file version. If you can’t find a copy of the magazine article to reprint, let me know. I’m trying to find someone who can reprint the file and distribute copies to regional businesses, so it is easier for us locally to get a copy to read.

In the same issue is a related story by Deborah J. Myers, pages 68 to 71—

A Healthy Workplace: Employees need to be proactive in their diets and preventive care to remain healthy and to help their businesses remain profitable.

Obtain a copy from the locations in the comments. If that isn’t possible, please let me know.


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