Even without the transloading ability, Anchorage is a Great Circle airport between the major continents of Asia, Europe, and North America. [see also https://ykalaska.wordpress.com/2006/04/29/where-is-nearest-us-capitol/] Anchorage is also the only (air)port connecting most of Alaska (most of us off the road system) with the rest of the world and even with the rest of western Alaska. The world-wide microbe mixing bowl is Anchorage; the Delta Regional Hospital (YKHC) is a mini-mixer. If we end up with the highly pathogenic avian influenza, it seems likely to come from the big birds in Anchorage.

Alaska’s unique air cargo rules entice business
TRANSLOADING: Air Canada to join others using transfer capabilities in Anchorage.

By ROB STAPLETON, Alaska Journal of Commerce
http://www.adn.com/money/industries/aviation/ story/7699681p-7610713c.html
Published: May 6, 2006

This process of transferring cargo between carriers, known as transloading, is allowed only at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport because of a law created by the airport’s namesake.
Air Canada, which has been launching a flight from Toronto to Anchorage, and on to Shanghai, China, five times a week for more than a year, sees an opportunity few are realizing.

  • wide-body passenger fleet flying as far south as Lima, Peru,
  • an arrangement for Asia-bound perishable cargo, such as cherries, wine and geoducks.
  • Another idea … is to fly fresh lobster from Halifax, Nova Scotia, via Toronto to Anchorage, where it would be transloaded and flown to Honolulu using a different carrier.
  • “We recently shipped some oil field equipment from Germany on one of our Europe flights to Toronto and then flew it to Anchorage on one of our freighters… The next day, the equipment was in Prudhoe Bay for the company that needed it.”
  • With its wide-body passenger flights on Airbus aircraft, … it would also be possible to ship roses from Bogota, Colombia, directly to Anchorage using a combination of passenger and all-cargo flights.
  • the Toronto-to-Anchorage market, and these flights could connect up with our weekly flights to Brussels and New Delhi, India