Palomar Mountain, CA, May 09, 2006 –(PR.COM)– has had its global map of bird flu infections under test for almost 6 months. It is ready for a ‘real-word’ simulated excercise.

They have created the following scenario:

A Harlequin Duck, migrated from Alaska, infects a wild boar at Lake Sonoma, California. H5N1 mutates within that pig. A hunter, that kills that pig, is then infected with this virulent mutation.

Starting May 18th, anyone in the world can play a role to provide their spin on the resultant pandemic. …

There is no script: The viewers will build their own pandemic and responses.

Francis Hemsher, CEO of, … We are vulnerable, yet hopeful, that the final result will allow many to participate on an experiental level, to a situation that is scary, but if honestly addressed, can be helpful if a pandemic were to occur.”

The simulation will begin from the current global map as shown at:


The company designs on-line data imagery. Only MS Internet Explorer can be used for the game. There is a medieval children’s “nursery rhyme” on the start page (allusion to the Black Death). “2006-06-08T20:00:46+00:00” [I never could get the game to work on my dial-up system.]

Their other examples are

Baseball Game This is a baseball game in progress. It includes pitch placement, speed, and type. The players’ positions and reactions for each play are recorded. Each hit and its trajectory are shown.

HVAC System An example of monitoring Commercial Building Systems. It displays, temperatures, humidity, air flows, and damper postion, along with alarm conditions. Sensor outputs are converted to XML as a live data-feed into the system image.

California Wildfire Based on an actual fire: It shows response agency actions, the scope of fire area, plus environmental variables that impact the spread of the fire.

Avian Flu Surveillance A global map showing the current spread of the bird flu across Asia and Europe. It includes real-time reports from possible infected areas; plus updates to confirmed locations, human infection, and death statistics.