I don’t yet have these as a listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), mostly because I am not sure what is frequently asked. However, here are some questions that the YKHC Office of Environmental Health has received. I will link to sources of answers as I get them organized. Feel free to continue asking questions below as comments or to provide answers to these questions, as comments.

How do you know if birds have bird flu?

YKHC: You don’t. Unlike human’s it is nearly impossible to tell if a bird is sick with the flu.

Avian influenza is quite common in birds and often occurs without symptoms or without making the birds sickly. Like other diseases,

The clinical signs are very variable and are influenced by factors such as the virulence of the infecting virus, species affected, age, sex, concurrent diseases and environment. See

http://www.fao.org/ag/ againfo/subjects/en/health/ diseases-cards/avian.html

If a bird looks skinny & not normal, what do you do? Does it have bird flu?

YKHC: No. It most likely is suffering from something else.

If a bird has worms, is it sick? Can you eat it? Does it have bird flu?

YKHC: Many birds have worms and function just fine. You probably have had birds like this in the past.

What could cause deformities in birds? How could they fly all the way here, and then die? Shouldn’t they be the healthy birds?

What species birds should we watch out for? Which ones come from areas with bird flu?
See listing here

We’ve heard a lot in the news about swans. Should we be concerned with the swans in AK? Why?

YKHC: Only a few wild birds have been known to have bird flu. Swans are one of them. There are many species of swans. Some ducks have had the flu too. We don’t know if these species will be the one to bring the flu here, or if the flu will even come to AK.

A swan made the news in Scotland a few weeks ago. See more at ProMED-mail,
http://www.promedmail.org/pls/askus/ f?p=2400:1000: or the World Health Organization

How is this different from the H7 strand of bird flu that killed the guy in Canada? Can that mutate and be dangerous? (Is the H7 version a type A influenza?)

Do we have to wash our hands after cleaning every bird, or is one time good when were all done cleaning them good?

From a KYUK call-in—
If bird meat looks funny can we feed it to the dog?
Dogs like other carnivores might get sick from the avian influenza and other fish and animal parasites and microbes. Therefore cook dog food. See