Tuesday, May 30- Tribal Nations Preparing for the Bird Flu:

As the worldwide health community keeps an eye on the spread of the deadly H5N1 virus strain, tribal leaders learn more about how this virus could affect their communities. A recent summit was held to address the issue of a flu pandemic. How are tribal leaders being educated to protect their people? Concerns over containing it and treating it are being discussed on a global level. When it comes to the reservations, villages and communities of Native Peoples, what’s being done to share this information? Is there a way to protect your community from the so-called Bird Flu? Guests include: Jefferson Keel (Chickasaw) Lieutenant Governor/ Chickasaw Nation.

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The preparedness in our area has been disappointing; everyone seems to be waiting to be told what to be prepared for and how. The Feds, state, and tribal organizations have focussed on telling people the birds are safe to eat.

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