Interagency Public Information Work Group (retrieved 28 May 2006)

Some things to note now —the “interagency” doesn’t include

  • the Federal Dept of Homeland Security (FEMA, Coast Guard), Dept of Transportation (FAA)
  • only one tribal government consortium
  • only one municipality but no municipality consortium, such as the Alaska Municipal League
  • no boroughs (equivalent to county government)
  • no single entry point for information, unless one counts the two different hotlines.
  • E-mail addresses are given, but none of the telephone numbers are toll-free

    Department of Health and Social Services
    Barbra Holian 465-8116

    Department of Fish and Game
    Nancy Long 465-6166

    Bruce Bartley 267-2269

    Department of Environmental Conservation
    Lynda Giguere 465-5009

    Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
    Jamie Littrell 428-7052

    Department of Administration
    Claudette Kreuzenstein 465-2471

    Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development
    Jennifer Payne 269-8100

    Department of Education
    Eric Fry 465-2851

    Department of Labor and Workforce Development
    Margaret Webb 465-5673

    Department of Law
    Mark Morones 269-6379

    Department of Natural Resources
    Dan Saddler 269-8431

    Department of Public Safety
    Greg Wilkinson 269-5413

    Department of Revenue
    Lacy Reinhart 465-2301

    U.S. Fish and Wildlife
    Bruce Woods 786-3695

    U.S. Bureau of Land Management
    Danielle Allen 271-3335

    Alaska Native Tribal Helath [sic] Consortium
    Joaqlin Estus 729-1914

    Anchorage Health Department
    Mark Butler 343-4619

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