2006-07-27 I moved this up from a comment on Local alcohol prohibition, police presence and serious injury in isolated Alaska Native villages so I could better characterize the entry. mpb

I have been assembling references about alcohol control points and whether increasing prohibition (which the City Council of Bethel wishes to do) has any effect on the rate (prevalence) or incidence of crime, chronic alcoholism, or addiction. The references have been assembled in


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This issue [further alcohol control through a city-run office] needs careful examination which the City of Bethel Council hasn’t yet done, before changing community policy.** Public involvement procedures should provide at least three proposed alternatives–

  • no action
  • action 1
  • action 2
  • with the pros and cons (positive and negative impacts) of each alternative. (Or, multiple working hypotheses with procedures to falsify them.)

    [**the proposal was removed from City Council action by a special election which now requires any establishment of a city-run alcohol dispensing center to be put to a vote of all Bethel voters.]

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