The City of Bethel did not participate.

State Pandemic Influenza Summits

One of the major issues discussed at the summit was stockpiling of antivirals and personal protective equipment (PPE). Alaska has only 24 hospitals and 1400 hospital beds, which serve 300 communities. Some of these communities are not on the road system and are only accessible by airplane. It is therefore imperative for these isolated communities to have access to antivirals and PPE before a pandemic closes transportation routes. Alaska plans to stockpile these items in a centralized location, and will move the supplies to regional hub communities if and when the WHO elevates the pandemic alert phase.

Throughout the summer, the state Department of Health and Social Services, in cooperation with partners in the state homeland security agency and the tribal health system, will conduct a statewide outreach program in 15 hub communities across Alaska. This program will assist with the development or revision of local emergency plans to support response to a pandemic, and will include tabletop exercises to help local responders assess their readiness. [emphasis added]

2006 Association of State and Territorial Health Officials Issue Report: State Pandemic Influenza Summits
State Pandemic Influenza Summits: Building Partnerships for Pandemic Preparedness
Retrieved 2006 July 28 from Pandemic Preparedness Report.

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