Guardsmen will patrol fire-ravaged village
HOOPER BAY: Calls to police are surging in charred community.

By ALEX deMARBAN, Anchorage Daily News
Published: August 10, 2006, Last Modified: August 10, 2006 at 03:37 AM

Alaska National Guard soldiers, with help from some volunteers, will help maintain order in the fire-ravaged village of Hooper Bay.

Police in the Southwest Alaska village of 1,133 are facing a surge in calls since the massive Aug. 3 fire, Police Chief James Hoelscher said Wednesday.

Hooper Bayers are panicky, and rightfully so — especially if they see kids playing with matches, he said.”
Four volunteers with the Alaska State Defense Force, civilians who assist during emergencies under the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, will help police shoo kids from the dangerous piles of twisted metal rising from the soot where the fire raged, Hoelscher said.

Seven guardsmen will help patrol the village and keep the peace….

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