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One summer I set out sticky fly strips (those strips of rubber coated paper that come in tubes) to cut down on the bugs outside my doorway. I was amazed at the types and numbers of insects that got stuck. When one strip was filled, I put up another.

Different insects and different numbers were caught at different times of the summer.

I think it would be interesting to see which week would have the most numbers of insects; which has the most variety of insect types. This could be plotted. Do the numbers and types of insects differ between placing the strips in the sunny side of the house or the darker side? windy or not windy side? When does the first insect get caught? Does that change from one year to the next? Is the first insect always the same? Do places on the coast have different insects from those upriver? If some of the trapped insects are the same kind, do these show up earlier downriver or upriver?

What’s the last bug?

The other thing I did was try an insect trap consisting of a bowl of water with one drop of liquid dish soap in it. The soap keeps the insects from walking on water (breaks the surface tension of the water). Fortunately, I used a white bowl, so the amazing colors of bugs stood out.

I drained most of the water away to concentrate the carcasses together and to make sure they were all at the same depth (in the same plane of view) so I could photograph them.


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