Fred Langa’s current issue (see the link on the sidebar) gives a summary of feeds and suggestions for software to read them.

6) Of Blogs and Feeds

After launching the new Langa Blog

and RSS feed

we received mail about using them, including this note:

Hi. Can you explain how those RSS feeds work on people’s blogs? I
see on some blogs where you can subscribe to them but don’t know
how. I have clicked on the RSS thing but I get a file or something
and don’t know what to do with it. —Gail

Both blogs and RSS feeds are relatively new, simplified ways to publish and get content online….

One major advantage of RSS feeds is that you can subscribe to them, which means simply that you tell your RSS reader that you want every post to get a specific feed. When the publisher of that feed posts a new item, your RSS reader will fetch it for you—no searching or browsing required.