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You’ll have to contact the company to order (not yet widely available). The idea is fun and might work. But it will cost more than ordinary soap. It might backfire in that without the device, will hands be washed the equivalent of two happy birthday sings? On the other hand (sic), habits once engrained are easily retained.

squidsoapThe squid thing is neat. And the soap is NOT anti-microbial (hurray!)

SquidSoap dispenser shows you when you’re done scrubbing
Squid Soap’s mission is to “train tomorrow’s great hand washers.” The pump-bottle is decorated with a plastic squid, and the top of the pump has an ink-stamper that leaves a ring on your hand when you pump your soap. Once you’ve scrubbed enough to remove the ink-stamp, you’ve also scrubbed enough to kill the germs on your hands.

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