Medscape may require you to register (for free) to read this article. I like the article because it is mostly about clear thinking. Statistics really aren’t complex, but provide a measuring tool for the results of ideas. However, to be successful statistics first requires careful thought.

The author’s suggestions for “quality control” are applicable to other situations, such as planning and writing up a preparedness plan. An important application is the review of preparedness plans. Do things add up?

If you can’t get a copy of the article through the Internet, let me know.

Stats for the Health Professional

Look at Your Garbage Bin: It May Be the Only Thing You Need to Know About Statistics

Andrew J. Vickers, PhD
Medscape Business of Medicine. 2006;7(2) ©2006 Medscape, Posted 11/03/2006


J’accuse: Many of the medical research papers you read will be wrong, not as a result of methodologic flaws, poor design, or inappropriate statistics, but because of typing errors.

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