I know many people have a need for their commercial driving license. This site has a variety of test questions and provides an evaluation of how well one has answered. (Some of the questions could use a spell check.) I don’t have a CDL so I can’t evaluate the comprehensive quality of the questions, however, they didn’t seem simplistic to me. Other test sections include health fields (such as nursing and physicians assistant) and college and GRE exams. It looks like a good resource for reviewing one’s knowledge but use other resources for learning the material.

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16. CDL Online Practice Questions

Aspiring truck drivers and those who seek a commercial driving license will appreciate this website a great deal, as it features a number of practice questions that may be found on the test that is required for such certifications. The site features over a dozen self-assessment modules that cover such topics as air brakes, hazardous materials, and of course, transporting passengers. Within each section, visitors will find both “true-false”-style questions and their equally well-known counterpart, the multiple choice query. Also, for those getting acquainted with teaching others how to prepare for this exam, this site may be most handy. Whether one is on their way to Bangor, Maine, or just in need of this certification to meet up with a midnight train, this site will get them on their way. [KMG]