This came from a reliable newslist I subscribe to. I cannot find a web link for the proposed workshops. I suggest you contact Dr Pollitt to offer your suggestions.

Western Alaska, with other regions in the USA, fits the Federal government status of “frontier” (sort of ultra-rural or remote). The term applies mostly to healthcare funding, but it is based on demographics and location (distance). For example,

It has a long history of use outside of Federal grants

The Office of Rural Mental Health Research/National Institute of Mental Health is a Congressionally mandated office designed to stimulate research to address issues of how to enhance access and quality of mental health care in rural and frontier populations. The NIMH has funded many studies focusing on rural communities, and the ORMHR is now giving special attention to stimulating research in frontier areas of the country.

The ORMHR will sponsor two workshops in 2007 in an attempt to stimulate frontier research.
Investigators will be invited to submit concept papers that describe a frontier study, and several will be selected for discussion. Each investigator will receive scientific peer reviewed feedback regarding their planned research that will strengthen the planned study prior to development of a grant application. The meetings will be held in Anchorage in May, 2007; a second meeting will be held in the spring at a location to be determined.

If you are interested in being considered for participation, please contact Dr. Tony Pollitt at the NIMH directly apollitt AT mail DOT nih DOT gov

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