Seven years ago I tried to get the state involved in assisting rural communities to consider environmental change and global warming on solid waste management and landfills. I was told I couldn’t because “warming didn’t exist”. I can’t think of a good excuse for communities not to take their own action, to share what they learn, to prepare now (on the basis of past change and adaptation) for the future.

When it comes to dealing with climate change, the North does not have the luxury of time, Nunavut’s climate change co-ordinator told a workshop in Iqaluit Wednesday.

Although southern Canada is just beginning to think about preparing for climate change, the North is already living with its impacts, Jackie Bourgeois told about 40 people attending the workshop organized by the territory.

The workshop is providing ideas on energy efficiency, buildings methods adapted to melting permafrost and community development plans to deal with the changes. [emphasis added]

  • communities suffering from erosion caused by climate change
  • shrinking ice means hunters are going to need boats that are more expensive than the snowmobiles they now use
  • more dangerous to go out on the land, more camps for young people to learn from the elders are needed
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