Updated pandemic flu plan released

The federal government released the latest version of Canada’s pandemic influenza plan Saturday, the first official update of the plan in nearly two years….

“The fear was if we’re doing our planning without First Nation involvement, that could pose a public health problem,” Clement said at a news conference following the end of the meeting.

The plan is located here

and available as a pdf file or files

Annex A: Planning Checklists
Annex B: Pandemic Influenza Planning Considerations in On-Reserve First Nations Communities
Annex C: Pandemic Influenza Laboratory Preparedness Plan
Annex D: Recommendations for the Priortized Use of Pandemic Vaccine
Annex E: Planning Recommendations for the Use of Anti-Influenza (Antiviral) Drugs in Canada During a Pandemic
Annex F: Infection Control and Occupational Health Guidelines During Pandemic Influenza in Traditional and Non-Traditional Health Care Settings
Annex G: Health Services: Clinical Care Guidelines and Tools
Annex H: Resource Management Guidelines for Health Care Facilities During an Influenza Pandemic
Annex I: Guidelines for the Management of Mass Fatalities During an Influenza Pandemic
Annex J: Guidelines for Non-Traditional Sites and Workers
Annex K: Canadian Pandemic Influenza Plan for the Health Sector: Communications Annex
Annex L: Federal Emergency Preparedness and Response System
Annex M: Public Health Measures
Annex N: Pandemic Influenza Surveillance Guidelines
Glossary of Terms and List of Acronyms