Controversies in science: practical advice for journalists and scientists

Dear journalists, scientists and science communicators,

This week SciDev.Net has published a pair of practical advice articles. One offers guidance to journalists reporting on controversies in science, the other supports scientists and science communicators to explain them to the public:

*Reporting on controversies in science*

Scientific controversy is fascinating ? few pass up the chance to see experts slugging it out in the academic ring. But how to ensure the reportage is responsible, accurate and interesting?

*Explaining controversial issues to the media and the public*

When it comes to explaining controversial issues to the media for dissemination to the public at large, the key factors are clarity, honesty and plenty of practice, says Bob Ward.

The articles form part of the “e-guide” to science communication providing practical guidance, case studies, free news and images resources and links to the best material on the Internet.

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