deadline 12-16 February 2007

The Alaska Forum on the Environment (AFE) will be held in Anchorage,

AFE is an annual event that brings together scientists, tribal leaders, government representatives, community members, Native and environmental organizations, industry, and other sectors to focus on important and timely environmental issues. Topics for discussion at AFE include solid waste, drinking water, oil and gas, alternative energy, environmental justice, contaminants, subsistence/traditional food, and rural sanitation.

This year’s AFE will include a focus on climate change in the North. The forum’s three-day Climate Change Track will feature keynote lectures, panel discussions, and workshops on climate change as it relates to polar bears, ocean acidification, permafrost thaw and carbon release, aviation impacts, techniques to reduce emissions, impacts to subsistence resources, and the intersection of science, economics, and policy.

Early registration is open until Friday, 12 January 2007. Registration forms are available and may be submitted via the conference website, or printed and submitted via mail or fax to:
Alaska Forum on the Environment
c/o The Coordinators, Inc.
329 F Street, Suite 208
Anchorage, AK 99501
Fax: 907-646-9001

For further information on AFE, to register, or to view a draft agenda for the meeting, please go to: