another sneeze video

The Way Back Machine actually hosts so much more. Here’s a nifty little film. It holds up pretty well by today’s standards. How many things can you find that need to be updated? Which items should be kept for a modern sneeze and cough film?

One important thing the film points out about colds, etc. is that cold temperatures by themselves do not cause colds. As the example, they show images from Unalakleet Alaska, the Eskimo folks from just up the coast. (Eskimos: Winter in Western Alaska (1950) Producer: Machetanz, Frederick and Sara. Movie also available here.)

Sniffles and Sneezes (1955) Children as carriers and victims of infections.
Producer: Audio Productions, Inc., Audio/Visual: Sd, B&W
Keywords: Health and hygiene, Creative Commons license: Public Domain


is a recent technique, it is unlikely many will remember the public health revolution of disposable hankies (Kleenix®) Handkerchiefs and hankies had to be washed. Ugh

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