NOW show on PBS television tonight had a segment on the global warming film which has just been nominated for an Oscar. –

Mentioned was the efforts by the producers to get the DVD of the film distributed free to science museums. That effort got complicated. There was an interesting discussion in the Informal Science Education Network ISEN-ASTC-L list (the Association of Science-Technology Centers at

Original editorial at

Dr. Gerry Wheeler, Executive Director of NSTA, has posted a response to the issues raised

I guess there never was a resolution to how to distribute free copies to schools. However, the website for the documentary does have a section for teachers. This statement is so refreshing (thinking of us users first)–

We’ve also broken up the AIT in the Classroom curriculum into distinct downloadable PDF files to 1) make the downloads smaller and faster and 2) enable you to download only the lessons you want to use. Of course, if you want the entire program in one file, we’ve made that possible, too. Your choice.

They also have a blog

as a resource for teachers and other educators using AIT and the AIT in the Classroom curriculum. This blog is a way for you to give us feedback on the curriculum and to share ideas with other teachers.

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