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deadline February 1, 2007

Flu Stories: CDC Press Conference Tomorrow On Pandemic Flu Preparations
by DemFromCT
Wed Jan 31, 2007 at 04:07:17 AM PST

Press release from CDC on new Public Service Announcements and Community Mitigation Guidelines

I don’t find too much evidence for significant progress in PSAs and public involvement from our institutions. But, I’ll wait for the CDC announcement.

It would be very helpful if some of the English classes could analyze the CDC guidelines for their effectiveness at reaching the public. Can you develop better or more useful information? Math classes could calculate the number of vaccinated people we would need to provide community protection. How many vaccine doses and how many bottles of sanitizer gel does your village need? Social studies classes could volunteer to help city and tribal councils conduct prep meetings and pass resolutions for action. How will children continue their school studies if schools are closed for weeks? Will your upaa get his diabetes medicine?

see also | Request Guidance for Prioritization Pandemic Influenza Vaccine |

The PSAs from the state and feds for bird sampling last spring were not comprehensive [from the City of Bethel, not at all]. I found they were not very effective at the beginning, mostly because the agencies were unprepared to follow up with information because there were no plans for public involvement.

Most of the significant USA preparations which have occurred (the few preparations that have actually occurred) have focussed on urban and suburban areas and not rural, remote, and frontier regions. Perhaps some of the larger tribes have included some aspects of pandemic disasters in their emergency management.

That’s why I started this regional source of information. Our situation is unusual and few others know we exist. We are certainly capable of researching what we need and applying our own expertise.

Whether we are ready or not, mass disasters will come–

  • foot by foot of eroding landscape
  • gallon by gallon of disappearing precipitation
  • bucket by bucket of sewage in our spawning grounds
  • puff by puff of petrochemicals from generators, snow-go, cars, boats
  • particle by particle of airborne dust and soot
  • 750 mL by 750 mL bottle
  • sneeze by sneeze
  • taunt by taunt
  • complacency by complacency

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