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    Consumer Reports has a set of questions and answers about bird flu on-line.

    1. Why is bird flu potentially so dangerous?
    2. How do people become infected?
    3. How big is the risk to me and my family?
    4. Hasn’t bird flu already reached the U.S.?
    5. Can pets catch the virus and spread it to their owners?
    6. How can I tell whether I have regular flu or bird flu?
    7. How would a pandemic start?
    8. Will there be a vaccine, and how would I get it?
    9. Could a pneumonia shot help protect me?
    10. Do flu drugs or any medications work against bird flu?
    11. Should I stock up on the newer antiviral drugs?
    12. Would any supplements help?
    13. Can masks or anything else help protect me?
    14. What do I need to know about a possible quarantine?
    15. Is it safe to travel overseas?
    16. Where can I get more information?

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