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Via Education Guardian, a really interesting article on how British teachers can use the Suffolk outbreak to teach students about H5N1 and modern farming practice: What does bird flu mean to students?

Teaching bird flu

The H5N1 virus … is a grimly fascinating subject, and pertinent to many areas of the curriculum, including science, maths, geography and even art.

Curriculum links are provided as well as relevant web links. Don’t forget “historical interpretation” and “cultural factors of risk communication”, although I don’t know if these are curriculum items.

  • A KidsHealth video provides a good introduction to bird flu and how viruses work, suited to younger children
  • Make your students virus detectives
  • intensive farming methods, pros and cons
  • fascinating art project
  • Ask students to consider if we are prepared for a pandemic… ask them to create an advice sheet at the fluwikie [and send links here to the best plans here for rural communities, maybe].

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