Alaska Airline sucked into Airbus A380 engine joke
Alaska Airlines jet sucked into engine as Airbus A380 lands in LAX.

Or so it would seem. But the new plane is mind-boggling. How many Alaska Villages would fit inside? (even if every infant had its own seat?) The plane is 8 stories tall, the tallest thing for 400 miles from Bethel (except for the Delta mountains, | Where is… Alaska’s mountainous Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta |) Fifteen or more flush toilets. Might be an interesting experiment to calculate Which would contribute more to air pollution, fuel consumption, and global warming? How much hydrocarbon does your community use each year for electricity, snowmachines, boats, heating, mail, food, potable water, trips to the doctor for respiratory problems, TVs and video games, ….? How much carbon is added to the atmosphere each year through erosion? If cruise ships are advantageous for eldercare (including on-board medical care), would it be sustainable for us to move up in the world?

Don’t just examine energy flow– what would the dollar costs be for re-location?

The Airbus A380, more than 239 feet long, nearly 80 feet tall and tanked up with enough fuel to top off 5,000 compact cars… The A380 was designed to hold as many as 850 coach-class seats…
When Singapore Airlines later this year becomes the first carrier to put the A380 into regular service, it will probably configure it for 480 passengers. Lufthansa, which will begin flying the plane in the summer of 2009, will have room for 549.

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