Commuters Won’t Be Travelling When Avian Flu Hits
In the build up to next week’s “Business Continuity Awareness Week which hosts Business Continuity Expo, it may surprise employers to know that 40% of their workforce won’t be turning-up for work if Avian Flu hits the UK, nor will they be travelling into work if there are rumours of an imminent terrorist attack…. employers still need to look at what their critical mass of functionality is and question whether they could survive with half their workforce. It is clearly critical to consider what strategies and contingency plans they need to put in place in order to survive a possible pandemic or imminent terrorist attack.

Pandemic would hurt states big on tourism

By KEVIN FREKING, The Associated Press
Published: March 23, 2007

Alaska, Wyoming, Nebraska and Louisiana also stand to take hits of greater than 6 percent in their gross domestic product.

A pandemic comparable to the most serious — in 1918— could sicken 90 million people and kill about 2 million. It could also last up to 18 months with spikes that last six to eight weeks each. [Alaska’s 1918 flu hit in 1919. see the earlier post, ]

The Trust for America’s Health estimates bird flu losses by state–and forecasts that the bird flu could cause a possible recession. The upshot is that the study says tourism states would be hit hardest–not a bad assumption. I’ve done something a little different here–I’ve linked to a Google search of this topic, because there are stories for many states.

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