from Boing-Boing, a suggested way to keep discarded pollutants out of our scarce drinking water.

** Be sure to read the comment from the designer ** Click on his name to go to the site itself. (Thank you.) There he suggests students could build one for school shop class then use it to build other stuff (or to repair other stuff, like boats, snowmachines, water plant, …)

Multimachine — truck-parts-based machine shop for Africa
Cory Doctorow: Mike sez, “The multimachine is a milling machine, drill press, and lathe all in one machine that is made from old truck engines and other scrap parts. The very making of it imparts the skills needed to use it. It’s of the ‘teach a man to fish’ school rather than the ‘here, have a fish’ school. Some hand tools are required to build it… “Right now if a NGO gives a well pump to a village in Africa, what does the village do when it breaks? With a multimachine, or tools like it, they can fix it themselves.” Link to PDF of manual, Link to Yahoo Group

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