and you thought kiwis were flightless ;)

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As the last bar-tailed godwits leave New Zealand estuaries on their northern migration to Alaska this week, Massey scientists will trace their journey via satellite-tagged individuals.

…Dr Battley says that while the 11,000 km southern migration of the godwit from Alaska to New Zealand is thought to be the longest non-stop migration of any bird, not much is known about their northern route… three birds have recently landed in the Yellow Sea, with one covering 11,000 km in just over seven and a half days, at an average speed of 56 km/hr.

The satellite track of the godwits’ navigation can be viewed online at:

and more information on the project is available at

Read more of our fascinating little bird […]

The complete satellite map has to be viewed in Google Earth, unfortunately, but you can still see the trace for each bird.

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