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This may not be the easiest comparison, but interesting nonetheless. While we tend to think of our region as the Yukon-Kuksokwim Delta, there are two deltas from two different river systems and land-use patterns. [The Yukon River flows north.] What can you infer about the two river systems from the differences in delta patterns (sedimentation, erosion)?

Yukon Delta
“This scene was acquired by the ASTER instrument on NASA’s Terra satellite on May 26, 2002.”

Kuskokwim Delta
| Where is… 1978 mouth of Kuskokwim River |

This SAR image is of the Kuskokwim River delta, Western Alaska. It was taken by Seasat on July 13, 1978. The patterns are formed by river water flowing around sand bars. The pock-marked land is covered by small permafrost lakes.

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