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“Right now, a godwit identified as 15 years old is on its way north.” A super Elder.

Sunday Star Times | Sunday, 1 April 2007

Thanks to scientific funding to track the possible spread of the H5N1 virus, satellite tagging confirmed on Thursday that a shy, quiet New Zealand bird with a full stomach and an urge to have sex in a cold climate has achieved the world’s longest recorded non-stop flight.

Bar-tailed godwits, which wade New Zealand shorelines for six months every year, have begun their annual migration to their breeding grounds in Alaska. Eight birds from Miranda, on the Firth of Thames, and Golden Bay near Nelson are monitored with satellite tags. The first four touched down last week around the Korean peninsula, after flying fantastic distances – more than 10,000km – without food or a moment’s rest in a direct flight that took just over seven days….

Godwits pass through Asia and areas identified as bird flu “hot spots”. Although no confirmed [HPAI] H5N1 has been detected from samples to date, high incidences of other strains of avian influenza have shown up.

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