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from The Coming Influenza Pandemic? (see sidebar)

The Canadians have a very useful site, especially for the workplace or business preparedness.

I urge everyone to investigate their tools. Can your business answer these? Can your employees? Can the residents of your tribal government or municipality? Let me know what you have come up with and I can share it with others.

  • “Do all employees know of your plan for a pandemic? Tell the workforce about the threat of pandemic flu and the steps the company is taking to prepare for it. Clear and frequent communication is essential.”

These tools will help get your business ready…

* Business Continuity Plan
* Slow the Spread! Poster
* Handwashing Posters
at the sink
when using sanitizing gels
* 10 Steps You Can Take – A Checklist for Business Pandemic Planning
* 5 Ways A Business Can Help Their Employees
* 6 Things Employees Need to Know

Canada hand gel poster excerpt Their hand sanitizer poster is quite good (in pdf file, right click image to download pdf file). Every city office, grocery store, post office, school building, health clinic, rippy palace, bingo hall, Lions Clubhouse, etc. should have the poster next to a dispenser at the entrance/exit. See also, ==> Hands washing, sanitizers Maybe get a | sleeve sneeze | poster, too.

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