Shageluk school of birds

This is an interesting project, among others, that one of our Villages is doing. The first birds would be a nice complement to a bugs project. It’s not too late for first bugs.

Have a look.

Shageluk aerial
Up close and personal (click on image)

Where is Shageluk? The Village of Shageluk is the last Deg’Hitan Athabascan settlement on the Innoko River. Click on the Alaska flag on the sidebar to find more information on Shageluk.

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4 responses to “Shageluk school of birds

  1. Shageluk has another interesting science story to report. Go school kids!! I wonder if the bird followed the open Arctic water?

    European finch shows up in Shageluk
    By Tim Mowry, Published November 1, 2007

    Shageluk schoolteacher Joy Hamilton has been teaching her students about the wonders of bird migration and the effect of global warming for more than a decade.

    But Hamilton and her students recently got a bird’s-eye view of how things can go astray in nature when a brambling, a common finch in northern Europe and Asia, showed up last week at Hamilton’s bird feeder in the small village on the Innoko River, about 350 miles southwest of Fairbanks.

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  3. Hi, who is this?
    (doing the website)

    • Welcome. Not sure if you want to know who I am or who is running the Shageluk site. My info is available when you click on the “About” tab up above at this site.

      The Shageluk site is run by —
      Created by the Innoko River Junior and Senior High School, Joyanne Hamilton, Advisor Check their website to find the contact info.

      Do you know them? Are you interested in doing more science? What are your interests?

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