Spring is springing and fortunately people are willing to share their preparedness tips. If you have other tips, please contact me and I’ll place them here. You can also write to me,
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Human Biologist
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(I wish the letters page at the Delta Discovery would be archived on-line.)

Hello YK Delta
Everyone knows we had a little snow, we got 3 1/2 ft. of the white stuff. When we had that warm spell the snow settled down to 1 ft. in some places. In the woods it was about 3 ft. of snow. People in the delta have to be careful when traveling around. As everyone can see, the ice is full of sand and it deteriorates the ice fast. Black and yellow ice are bad spots. When we run into these colors in the ice it means danger. When you’re out in the country doing subsistence needs, be careful and keep your eyes open for open water. Know where all the open holes are, right now there is thin ice. Keep away from them and also keep away from beaver houses.

Always let someone know where you are traveling to. Bring survival gear and a handheld radio in case of an emergency. With your handheld radio you will have good communication with flying airplanes around your area. I know everyone is out ice fishing, also the birds should be showing up all over the YK delta and everyone is taking the spirit of the wind and getting nice and brown, looking like real Alaskan natives.

I wish everyone a safe spring gathering for our traditional native foods wherever we are. Us natives always have something to do, like going out fishing, riding, bird hunting, chopping wood, lighting up the sauna, and walking out enjoying the long spring days and breathing that good fresh air.
Leroy L. Peters
Holy Cross, AK

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