Forgot to note the wood frog chirping yesterday in one of the | dying tundra ponds |. Last year was the first year for frog sounds out here.

The wood frogs are found in the Interior (Fairbanks, for example) and freeze solid each winter. Remarkably, they thaw alive, too.

Wow, look what others are doing!


    We are asking you to help solve these mysteries by gathering baseline data on wood frog distribution and habitat. We provide the training, background, and materials, and you provide actual data to scientists! Do it yourself with the materials included in the links below, or attend a civic or classroom presentation in your area first

| click to listen |

Other grassroots science projects,

Alaska Citizen Science Program

Our new Citizen Science Program is a partnership between the public and professional scientists providing opportunities for private citizens to assist wildlife biologists in collecting important information that will be used to support future research and conservation planning. This exciting program allows individuals, families, community organizations, and school groups – anyone interested in learning more about our local wildlife – a chance to get involved. We bring information to you so you can bring data to us! We are kicking off this ambitious program with three distinctive local projects: Wood Frogs; Loons and Grebes; and Alaskan Bats.

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