Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub has an important post which merits a new post here instead of just a new comment on our bugs, | Science project — insects | World science (that’s all of us) really do need the input from our students. When insects first appear stuck in your trap may not seem like much, but as you read Ed Darrell’s post and follow up, you will appreciate the significance of what you note.

Global warming effects: More nasty bugs
This news can fit into curricula in several ways, in several courses: Insects have already evolved in response to climate shifts due to global warming. The Boston Globe has a series on global warming, and a recent article detailed how mosquitoes on the Maine frontier have already changed their breeding seasons in response to warming […]

The insects respond to global environmental change and to local or micro-climate change (when incomes rise in Bethel everyone buys a heavy vehicle which raises dust and temperatures, etc.)–
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