Arctic EIA cover linked to pdf fileJust a reminder that a recommended list of Manuals Available to Assist Communities with Solid Waste Planning and Education is available from the other site. One of the most important to those considering the impacts (good and bad) of mining is Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in the Arctic, 1997

Another significant resource is Getting Results from Your Experts

Unfortunately, hard copies of EIA in the Arctic are no longer available.

There also used to be a copy available from the US but they do have a pdf or MS Word document of Proposed Collaboration Handbook: Collaboration in NEPA – A Handbook for NEPA Practitioners. There are also other NEPA relevant documents and links. NEPA is the National Environmental Policy Act originally passed in 1969

“Public involvement” is an important requirement of the NEPA process. It is very important that people understand that it is our responsibility to adequately review environmental impact statements or assessments, not the government’s or YKHC or AVCP, etc.

A recent news story mentioned that EIS do not include human health impacts. This is an error. EIS have always required human biological, cultural, and socio-economic impacts (good or bad) but seldom do people catch the missing reviews and insist on the assessments.

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