(revised 2007-06-27)

Alaska Public Radio Network

has just started its own efforts at two-way communication via WordPress.

APTI’s web sites have moved as of Saturday, June 23. You must now visit those web sites separately at the addresses noted in this posting (click the headline to see details).

This joins several of us in Alaska trying the WordPress weblogs, such as this one, Grassroots Science, the siblings Biocultural Science , and the Cerebral Odd Jobs (blogging in education)

I notice Kuskokwim Campus http://community.uaf.edu/~kuc/blog has joined the experiment as has Far North Science http://www.farnorthscience.com/

There are certainly limitations to any effort to convey and generate knowledge and information across time and space. But I think having several interactive Internet experiments going will help us all improve our voices and consequently our communities.

The tree-based news media are lagging behind, but what can one expect from those of us not living on the tundra?

Pay a visit by clicking on the nifty logo APRN new logo

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