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In reference to My 3 things everyone should know to prevent bird flu (pandemic flu). Thanks BB.
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Avian Flu and Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
By Jim Hill, Assistant Fire Chief (KFD)
Ketchikan, AK – USA, June 14, 2006

As your local firefighters, we pride ourselves in our prevention and preparedness efforts. Fire safety, public education, emergency preparedness, and community awareness are all important. Our prevention and preparedness efforts do not only make the public we serve safe, but they also allow us to go home at the end of every shift or, if we are volunteers, return to our families after every call-out to an emergency. The emergency we prevent may be the one that injures or kills one of us. In my 27 years in the fire service I have always believed, People that take action and are not properly educated, trained, and equipped are often injured or killed. When this happens, they are not the solution to the problem they are “Part of the Problem.” [emphasis added]

… Get informed! Get the Facts! Whether or not Pandemic Influenza becomes a reality, we will be that much more “prepared” for whatever comes our way. […]

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