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Talk of Alaska: Your Topic Here

We work hard to make Talk of Alaska, the weekly statewide call-in program on APRN stations, an interesting, insightful and timely program for Alaskans. As we look forward to new programs, we’d like to know what you think about potential Talk of Alaska topics and how we might approach them. We have some ideas we’re considering, listed below.

Please share your thoughts and ideas using the comment form at the bottom of this posting. Comment on the show ideas we listed or add your own ideas.

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Eskimo Guard

Talk of Alaska: Mental Health Services for Returning National Guard Members

Are Alaska’s returning National Guard members receiving all the mental health services needed? How can our veterans access these services from the remote parts of Alaska? We talk with experts, check in with Senator Lisa Murkowski and take your calls.

A heritage of healing: Native practitioners to help veterans

Ancient Alaska Native healing techniques will soon supplement modern-day treatments for mental health ailments afflicting Alaskans returning from service in the Middle East.

Climate Change

Innovation Canada Profiles Northern Research and Climate Change in Current Issue

Innovation Canada is an on-line web magazine featuring new research in Canada, and projects funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. Since its creation in 1997, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) has committed up to $3.7 billion in funds to 5,000 projects at more than 125 universities, colleges, research hospitals, and non-profit research institutions across Canada. The current issue highlights research in the Canadian North, and CFI projects linked to the International Polar Year. Various essays profile educational programs, International Polar Year funding, paleoclimate research, information sharing, youth initiatives for raising awareness on environmental matters, and more. Guest author Susan Aglukark writes about her home community of Arviat, Nunavut, and concerns over pollution, water quality, and wildlife habitat at an estuary near the community. These stories and more are available in Issue #27. The archive of previous issues are available here. 5/2/2007

Docuticker Adapting to Climate Change

Adapting to Climate Change: What’s Needed in Poor Countries and Who Should Pay (PDF; 493 KB) Source: Oxfam America

Winter ticks invade Yukon elk herds

Yukon wildlife officials say a recently discovered infestation of winter ticks, a new invasive species in the territory, has hit elk herds and could pose a serious risk to moose. 4/18/2007


BHIC Articles of Note

Telephone Interpreting in Health Care Settings This succinct article answers commonly asked questions regarding the appropriate use of telephone interpreting in health care settings.

Port Cities and Health

Tox Town,, the web site from the Specialized Information Services of the National Library of Medicine, has added to its neighborhood scenes. Now, besides learning about the environment and health in cities, towns, farms and the US-Mexico Border, users can also learn about ports. Topics covered include drinking water, air quality, wastewater treatment, work hazards, sun safety and more. [scb] 1/16/2007


Community involves media to preserve language, culture

A MEDIA workshop heard how the Chinese community in the Pacific engaged the media in a bid to preserve their culture and language. (Fiji)


Key science Web sites buried in information avalanche

As more and more people are turning to the Internet to find information, important science Web sites are in danger of becoming buried in the sheer avalanche of facts now available online. Key science sites are failing to register in the top 30 Google search results. 3/21/2007

Librarians’ Internet Index: New This Week New and newly-discovered Web sites for librarians and everyone else, updated every Thursday morning. See more resources on our site,

Home Water Treatment Devices

Information for consumers about selecting home water purification and filtration systems. Describes treatment technologies (such as adsorption, softeners, ultraviolet treatment, reverse osmosis, and distillers), types of devices (point-of-entry and point-of-use), and drinking water treatment and homeland security. Includes a link to a product database and to related websites. From NSF, a nonprofit organization that develops consumer safety standards. 6/21/2007

Consumer Guide to Water Filters

A guide to help you determine what type of water filter might be right for your home. “Some filters aim to produce clearer, better-tasting water, while others work to remove contaminants that could affect your health.” Topics include specific types of filters (activated carbon filter, cation exchange softener, distiller, reverse osmosis filter, ultraviolet disinfection filter), and filter maintenance. 
In English and Spanish. From the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC). 6/21/2007