Bethel’s 1st Annual Berry, Very Clean Fish, Moose Harvest

31 Tengun 2007, Tallimirin/Maqineq

31 August 2007, Friday/Saturday

by Raymond Pete, Bethel resident

It is a 24-hour alcohol/drug free marathon to show appreciation to all EMTs, Fire Department volunteers, ER staff, and the Police Department. The marathon is to be held during the last week in August, starting on August 31st and ending on the following day. The entire community of Bethel is being asked to be alcohol and drug free during this time.

The Bethel City Council at the July 24th meeting passed a proclamation which was introduced by Volunteer Coordinator Raymond Pete.

The Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation has donated $500.00 and its Behavioral Health Clinicians and counselors towards this project. Also, the PATC Staff will participate, thanks to YKHC CEO Gene Peltola.

Many volunteers are needed as well as any type of donation, i.e. refreshments, telephone and fax machines, use of internet, and space is needed to help get this hopeful event started.

Volunteers are needed for the following:
•To share knowledge and success stories of alcohol/drug recovery
•To present lectures to the public about any alcohol/drug related topics of prevention, intervention, F.A.S., F.A.E., and any disorders related to alcohol/drug use and abuse
•Volunteers for security monitoring
•Answering telephones
•Space for the planning meetings
•Volunteers for help in planning
•Space for the festival is also needed

The entire community of Bethel is encouraged to participate. This will end with a potluck and fiddle dance at the donated space.

Contact Raymond Pete, Volunteer Coordinator
telephone 907. 543. 3022, office donated at Catholic Church social hall near Swanson’s Grocery

E-mail is below, however there isn’t reliable Internet access yet.

  • [Pam– I’ll forward emails until Mr Pete can get Internet access]

berryverycleanfishmoose at gmail dot com email address

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