I don’t have cable or satellite (one of the few) so I’ll try to see this at a friend’s house. He came out this spring to do some of the H5N1 bird flu or avian influenza monitoring in the Kuskokwim Delta (Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge, http://yukondelta.fws.gov/ Unfortunately, none of the links work there, except to download a map in pdf and neither do most links at http://alaska.fws.gov/index.htm )

Let’s see if he uses PPE, photo here
Experts will test birds for signs of avian flu or see photo here, Swans and planes

Other resources, Sampling Bird Cloaca or Results Birds and Influenza from Asia into Alaska with map

The show’s website is atrocious, too much flash and no information– here’s the entirety.

Aug 28, 9:00 pm, Discovery Channel (60 minutes)

Dirty Jobs: Wild Goose Chase

Mike Rowe goes on a wild goose chase literally! After traveling to the tundra, Mike joins forces with a team of workers that round up a flock of wild geese with airplanes.


REVISED–location of Chevak from Alaska DCED
here’s the locator map for Chevak, courtesy of the Alaska DCED/DCRA department (see sidebar. For more info on the Village of Chevak, go to the database of Alaska communities).
additional resources for Chevak area (or use the site search tags below)
See additional resources in the comments.

Another map of this year’s sampling locations is here, but the colors and size are too indistinct. It gives better idea of the local relief, however. I don’t know which goose was on world-wide TV.

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