The City of Bethel has issued the following proclamation for the 24-hour period beginning tomorrow, 4:30 PM, local time. See the earlier post,

Berry, Very Clean Fish, Moose Harvest Day
August 31, 2007

WHEREAS , this will be a 24-hour alcohol & drug free marathon of events to show appreciation to all Emergency Medical Technicians, Police Officers, State Troopers, Hospital Staff, Fire Department Staff, and others that deal with alcohol & drug related emergencies everyday, 24 hours a day;

WHEREAS, this is also appreciation to those that choose to be sober that day and resist the temptation to use drugs & alcohol;

WHEREAS, this will be a time for the community to get together to share knowledge and success stories of alcohol & drug recovery and prevention;

WHEREAS, local business and agencies are volunteering to do special activities that day to acknowledge a united day of sobriety;

WHEREAS, this 24-hour marathon is an opportunity to show the children of our community that you can enjoy a safe and healthy life style alcohol & drug free ;

WHEREAS, the community of Bethel is encouraged to participate and is asked to be alcohol & drug free during this 24-hour time period;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Daniel C. Leinberger, Mayor of the City of Bethel, do hereby proclaim August 31, 2007, as Bethel’s 1st Annual Berry, Very Clean Fish, Moose Harvest Day in the City of Bethel.

Signed this 28th day of August, 2007.