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En klimasafari painting of Norway, North Sea oil,  and lifeboat
2007. En klimasafari click to visit site and enlarged image

The older woman in the front, left of the life raft is in the pose of the raft’s namesake (Think)

This is one of several thought provoking images (and 1 of 2 maps) from the artist Rolf Grovens that can be found at

It is a map of the North Sea (Atlantic), Scandinavian countries with the glow (from diesel generated electricity?) through the haze of petrochemical extraction.

Do we sail on, “unencumbered by the thought process”?
Maybe with the open Arctic transportation corridor we can get cheap oil from Scotland?

Are we all in this boat together?

I wish Google did Norwegian-English translation. Here is the caption but what is on the bluff top?

Avbildet: Prinsesse Ingrid Alexandra, miljøvernminister Helen Bjørnøy, Bellona-leder Frederic Hauge, investor Petter Stordalen, alpinist Kjetil Andrè Aamot, Stortingsrepresentant Inga Marte Thorkildsen, værdame Siri Kalvig og FrP-formann Siv Jensen

One of his other maps was featured at StrangeMaps, which intrigued me to find others he did.

[Compare his Norwegian version of 2007. Tre Kvinner http://www.groven.no/rolf/previewpages/previewpage_3kvinner.php with that of the New Yorker’s Anita KunzID: 124159, Published in The New Yorker July 30, 2007

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