ALASKA HISTORY AND CULTURAL STUDIES is the new online curriculum designed to teach Alaskan high school students about their state, its rich history and its people. Never before has so much information about Alaska been accessible from one website. The curriculum is designed to meet Alaska’s Alaska History graduation requirement and related performance standards. The Alaska Humanities Forum and the state’s leading historians, anthropologists, geographers and educators developed the course. It is an authoritative compilation of information and thought provoking questions about the 49th State. View the Alaska History and Cultural Studies Online Course

Alaska still does not require a knowledge of state history for young people to make that rite of passage to the adult world known as “high school graduate”. This site will assist to overcome that deficiency.

Does it matter for the civic body to know its place in time and space? Here’s an answer from Fairbanks, Sept. 9, 2007, Letter to the editor by Sean MacDonald, Daily NewsMiner,

The Downtown Association has achieved some interesting concepts for the future of Fairbanks on its proposed revitalization map, available on its Web site..

“God give us another pipeline and we promise not to waste it” might be a familiar phrase for anyone who weathered the ’80s after the pipeline’s economic dream faded back to reality. Well, to the possible chagrin of atheists, history seems destined to repeat itself. We need effective and exact infrastructure downtown now to help efficiently maximize benefits from a gas line. The map sees only itself in Fairbanks’ future and doesn’t even seem to care about what we already have….

Does anyone look at the map and think ominously that it has no people on it?

Granted, it’s a ridiculous notion that people should be on the map, but if you put yourself into the map and walked around for a bit, would you feel like you were walking through Fairbanks or a hopeful but generic template? … Growth and culture are hard things to manufacture, and the map thinks that it can create both by bringing in the bulldozers.

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