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When will the plane come — visual flight rules prevail for commercial traffic so it is important to calculate Civil Twilight (“lighting up time” in Aotearoa / New Zealand, I believe)

This calculator can be used to calculate sunrise,sunset, and civil/nautical twilight for any place on earth by entering Latitude and Longitude either in decimal degrees (ie: 61.575590) or degrees/minutes/seconds (ie: 61:34:32). When entering decimal degrees use “Degrees” box only. You can also use the dropdown box to view the times for the Alaska WxCam sites. The Time Zone Offset is YOUR local time minus UTC (or Zulu time) in hours and should automatically default to the offset on your computer. The offset for Alaskan sites should be -8 during daylight savings time and -9 during standard time.

What time is it in Alaska when it’s zero in Zulu?

Alaska time chart (local, Zulu coverter)

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